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Sprite animation, part 0.5: blender!

Laziness is what drives progress.  You’d think that with all the technology we have around we would all be enjoying endless holidays.  Nope.

So, in order to save a few hours of difficult pixel-arting, I am spending a few hours learning how to use Blender to make my sprites.  And strangely it’s not going that bad !  I already have a Minecraft creeper that works pretty well, with a cartoony rendering and all.  Could 3D be easier than 2D ?  Maybe…  Probably.  Certainly.

3D creeper by me!

Look at the mini green thing above!  It doesn’t look like it, but it’s full 3D ; only, it’s rendered with an orthographic camera in order to avoid any persperctive. I like the black outline, but I’m looking for something a bit less dark, more alpha-blended. Proof it’s 3D:

My creeper in real 3D.

Before trying Blender, I tried the only 3D-designing software I knew: Minecraft.  Here, have some screenshots:

16x16 sprite build in Minecraft. Voxels are good and bad. They're so hard to animate!

Modeling my sprites in minecraft was cool, but animating then was a pain, that’s why I installed Blender.

And, to end the post, here’s the first sprite sheet I drew by hand in 2D myself:

Sprite sheet I created for Infiniworld.

It’s not bad, but it takes WAY too long to draw.

So… I’m going to have fun with Blender a bit more!