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Full game: Apocalypse Bunny.

You’ve waited for one week; now is your patience rewarded. Behold my first game, Apocalypse Bunny.

Misadventures of a bunny.

You play as a bunny in a post apocalyptic world. The only place where carrots still grow are in cemeteries because of their fertile soil. However, zombies grow in cemeteries too, especially zombie foxes. They are a bit slow and a bit dumb, but they are legion. You hop and run between your foes and try to gather all the carrots before too many zombie foxes hit you. Fortunately, the radioactive carrots give you strange abilities. With each carrot you eat, your super bunny mind can create a telekinetic shock wave that will repel and maybe even kill the zombie foxes.

Let’s see how you long you can survive ! Don’t become a zombie bunny.

Nyuszi the bunny wakes up in a sinister cemetery, very hungry and very lost. What happened to the world?

Oh, after a long walk near the beach, Nyuszi spots a delicious carrot floating on the murky water. It must be eaten!

Oh no, Nyuszi is not alone, horrible rotten creatures want to nibble her cute ears!

Enough ear nibbling ! Nyuszi gathers the radioactive power of her carrots to blast zombie foxes into oblivion. Good riddance.

Too bad Nyuszi sucked at managing her stock of carrots, she did not last long :(.

How to download.

Here is a direct link to the zip archive: Apocalypse Bunny v1.0.1.

The Git users will find a new branch on the infiniworld repository called “apocalypse_bunny”, ready to be pulled.

As usual your machine will need Python 2.7 or 2.6 and pygame 1.9.

How to play.

Deflate the zip archive or pull the git branch.

Run the script that’s in the src directory.


  • [W][A][S][D] keys to move.
  • [Space] key to blast a psy-wave.
  • [M] key to take a screen shot (it’s close enough to the space key so that you don’t have to look for it too much).
  • [Esc] key to quit.

If you’re using a French keyboard, then it’s ZQSD to move and [,] to take a screen shot.  So it’s the position of the keys that matter, not what’s written on them.

Hey Taurus my friend, I have not merged your code for configuring the keys as you’ll notice that the code changed a LOT.  On the good side, the new code makes configuring the keys easier.  Little work is needed to adapt your code to the new codebase.  I’ll take care of it :).


Survive as long as you can.  Like with real life you cannot win, you can only delay the inevitable horrible end of your cute fluffy bunny.  Who wouldn’t want to help her?

To survive, avoid the foxes (they bite you) and kill them with the psychic powers that the uranium-enriched carrots give you.  Foxes appear every 3 seconds somewhere on the map (there’s a zombie counter on the screen).  Carrots appear every 10 seconds.

Send me your screen shots!

We’ll see who survives the longest :D.  Remember: pics or it didn’t happen.


If the game crashes, refuses to start, is horribly slow or jerky, maxes at 20 FPS or whatever, please tell me.  I did spend time optimizing performances, and I tried to make sure the code was cross platform (Windows and Linux have totally different ways of measuring time even with python as a common language) but I don’t have that many computers to try the game.

No need to tell me the sound doesn’t work: I have not put sounds yet.

And if it works, tell me that too !  Along with a words telling what kind of operating system and CPU you use.

In the next post…

In the next post I’ll tell you what I learned when writing Apocalypse Bunny.  Trying to make a complete working game out of the minimalistic game engine of Infiniworld took quite some effort, and I have a much better insight into what features the engine needs to support.  Not much of the engine changed, which is relieving because it means I didn’t get too many things wrong.  But many things should be added in.  There shall be refactoring soon!

Until next time, folks, until next time.

Edit, 30/08/11.

Python 2.6 didn’t like the version 1.0.0 of the game: it complained about a syntax error.  I corrected it and made it the version 1.0.1.  The download link above is already updated.  Thanks for the bug report, MilanFIN!