Sprite animation, part 0.

Hello hello!

Damn, art sucks. I meant to write something about sprite animation for the past few months, and I obviously didn’t.

The good thing is that I already have the code running ! Mostly: still some pbs with frame interpolation.

My problem is that I have to spend hours on Gimp to draw some sprites that are decent enough to make the game appealing. This is killing me…

So, if I feel like it, I’ll try to finish up a sprite sheet this week-end. Baby steps. I’ll do that while everybody else in the Universe is at Minecon.

I live in the Netherlands, but my job sent me to Los Angeles this month. I get to visit Caltech and JPL which is cool. Also, Minecon happens in Las Vegas, and that’s not that far!  Problem: I got confirmation for my plane ticket to the US the very day Minecon was sold out. I didn’t want to buy a ticket before being sure I would travel. So here I am, bored to death under the Californian palmtrees, drawing with pixels.

So, next updates, sprites !


About Niriel

Cynical utopist who likes red wines from Languedoc and playing Minecraft instead of working on his own game.

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