Let’s make a quick and dirty game.

Hello hello!

With my previous post regarding the game loop, I wrapped up the basics of what could become a game. It has physics, interactivity, display. However, technical demos are not very interesting to download and run. I thought I should craft a very simple game using the primitive engine I have built. That game will have very little to do with Infiniworld, but it will serve as a proof of concept: this engine can support a game. So let’s do that.

You play as a bunny in a post apocalyptic world. The only place where carrots still grow are in cemeteries because of their fertile soil. However, zombies grow in cemeteries too, especially zombie foxes. They are a bit slow and a bit dumb, but they are legions. You hop and run between your foes and try to gather all the carrots before too many zombie foxes hit you. Fortunately, the radioactive carrots give you strange abilities. With each carrot you eat, your super bunny mind can create a telekinetic shock wave that will repel and maybe even kill the zombie foxes (that’s for using the physics engine :p).

Let’s see how you long you can survive ! Don’t become a zombie bunny.


ZOMBIE BUNNY by ~RM73 on deviantART.

And let’s code that :D.


About Niriel

Cynical utopist who likes red wines from Languedoc and playing Minecraft instead of working on his own game.

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