Building worlds with a single click.

Back from my vacations, catching up reading the tubes.  I just found an interesting article about Procedural Generation and its use in video games.  I like procedural generation a lot, because that’s the only way a dude like me can create a big world, and even big worldS, that are interesting to play.  I’m too small to create a game so I make the computer create it for me.

Here’s the article :

Shamus Young‘s project is featured in there \o/.

These guys are good because they can make 3D things.  I can’t.  I could, I guess, if I would spend a year or two learning how to do it.  But I hardly even want to.  I want Infiniworld to start 2D.  Since I’m using a Model-View-Controller pattern, one could plug a 3D engine on top one day !


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Cynical utopist who likes red wines from Languedoc and playing Minecraft instead of working on his own game.

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